Indianapolis-based Quantifi raises $2.3 million to improve digital ad testing

Quantifi looks to be an impressive startup. The company provides AI-powered software to help marketers better test their digital advertising campaigns. It just raised $2.3 million in seed funding from local VCs and angels, and it disclosed a short list of customers. Quantifi also happens to be the latest example of Indianapolis’ shift from manufacturing auto parts and air conditioners to building startups.

“Fifteen years ago, you wouldn’t have thought about starting a tech company in Indianapolis or Central Indiana,” Quantifi CEO and cofounder R. J. Talyor told VentureBeat. But since then, a local ecosystem of investors, entrepreneurs, and talented labor has propelled the one-time manufacturing hub of 850,000 people into a top-ranked city for starting a business. “Indianapolis is now being recognized as a tech center with great talent,” Talyor said.

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